My thoughts on religion

Posted in Rant Hell on August 26, 2018 by Robert K.

I’m an Agnostic but believe everyone should believe in what they want.  I’m not writing this to try and change your mind, I have just had people ask me why I don’t know if there is a God.  Also with all the tension in the past couple years bubbling up, not only dividing us politically but also religiously.

I was born with a Jewish father and a Catholic mother, neither were very religious.  We celebrated all the holidays, I went to church on Christmas and we’d have Jewish holidays at families houses but that’s about it.

I’ve always been Agnostic.  It’s not like I believed one day and didn’t another, religion never made sense to me.  As I grew older my thoughts became more ingrained, talking to religious people, hearing preachers and rabbis talk about the bible, just never made sense.  A God that loves all, and knows all, but has a heavy fist expects you t pray for him?  I always thought if there is a God that he would know you’re a good person and that would be good enough.  Also, he wouldn’t penalize you for not believing in him.  When you die, if there is a heaven you’d go there and he’d basically say "see, I’m real and heaven is real" and then I’d say "I was wrong, I"m sorry" and that would be good enough.  See in my mind being a good person, treating people well is what he would want, but then preachers say you have to believe in him which to me is a contradiction.

The other thing that bothers me about is in some religions there is a way to get out of being good.  You can do confess and your absolved of all the bad things you’ve done.  Someone can kill, rape, molest and still go to heaven?  So if there is a heaven and a God he expects these people to be good?  I hear heaven is supposed to be your every dream.  So these bad people will be able to murder, rape and molest in heaven?  So if Hitler confessed before killing a ton of Jews, he can kill more Jews in heaven?  Doesn’t sound right to me.

Now Christians also believe in Hell and they say the Devil is evil.  They say he makes people do bad things and makes deals and such.  I’ve heard devil worshipers talk and a lot of them say the Devil is just the gatekeeper of Hell, the warden of Hell.  He doesn’t make people do bad things, he wants people to be good, but he wants to make sure that bad people stay in Hell. 

To me, it would make more sense to believe in the Devil because he wants to make sure bad people get what they deserve while God, on the other hand, will let people get away with murder if they confess.  Maybe the Devil has been taken all wrong or maybe God is afraid that the Devil will take over and everyone will live in peace because he’ll punish all the bad people? In other words, maybe God is masquerading as a good loving entity while he’s not and he’s saying the Devil is bad because he wants people to do bad things.  Or maybe God said there is a Hell where bad people go and they automatically thought the Devil is bad as well?

I’m an Agnostic though and think that maybe the bible was just written to scare people.  Know one knew of making regular laws, so instead they made stories to scare people into being good…which didn’t work obviously.   Religion could have been started to keep people in line. 

The other idea is there were hallucinogenic plants back then, people didn’t know what mushrooms to eat and what foliage was good, they would just eat.  Maybe they hallucinated (had what the Indians call a vision quest) and they believed what they saw was true, write it down and the bible was born. 

There are many religions because before the bible was written the stories were told by mouth and the more the stories were told the more they changed and people believe different stories.  Later religions were made just to make money or just out of spirituality.  Or maybe its people brains trying to make sense of religions that don’t make sense so they make their own that makes sense to them.

Now being an Agnostic I don’t know if there is a God or not.  I’d like to think a loving God would understand that and be ok with it as long as I’m a good person.  Unless religion was warped and to get people scared into believing they say "believe or go to Hell" when that’s far from the truth?  Also, I don’t know if I’d want to believe in a God that allows you to confess and be absolved.  That could have been made up too, or maybe it’s for minor things like stealing food and not for major crimes like murder?  People believe what they want to, what they think fits their way of thinking.  If a murderer hears he can be absolved if he confesses, he may think "why not, what do I have to lose?".  I’ve heard people say they believe "just in case".  In my mind, if I have to jump through hoops to go to heaven then I won’t go to heaven.  I’ll be a good person and if that isn’t enough then so be it.  I won’t be fake "just in case".

That’s just my opinion.  You can believe in whatever you want, just respect other peoples beliefs (or lack of).


Why I hate apple

Posted in Rant Hell on August 10, 2018 by Robert K.

I’ve never been an apple user.  I had an ipod but it crashed when I bought it and it took 5 referbes before Best Buy gave me a new one that worked.  I never liked the dial, I have over 15,000 songs and using that dial was a pain in my ass.  I kept it because it was a 120GB and it fit all my songs, I don’t want to use my phone as a player also because of battery drain and other reasons.

I came up with a thought about apple recently that might seem controversial and most apple fans may not believe.  That is that apple has made little flaws in their devices on purpose.  Think about it.  I’ve dated and been friends with girls that have had bad relationships, ones where their boyfriends tried to control them.  A couple were abusive and they’d hit her and then later say "I love you" and then one even said "you’ll never find better than me".  All these were assholes playing mind games.  I think apple does the same.  They make little flaws in their devices and then say "you’re holding it wrong", they blame the user for their own mistakes and then I saw a video of someone who fixes apple products and he said that after reading help blogs that users start bashing people who have issues (or maybe they’re apple employees, who knows).  The new keyboard stopped working and the answer would be "blow air in it every once in a while", and if the person wanted to do graphics intensive work on their macbook that later over heated and threw out an error the answer would be "Why are you trying to do that on a laptop"?

After hearing this and other people tell me issues about apple I came up with this theory.  apple will say they’re the best, they don’t get virus’ (which now they do), and still have these things that are broken in their devices as a form of mind control.  Since its illegal to use subliminal messaging, they can do this and its legal.   Make little "mistakes" in their devices, when people find them and complain say its their fault, but "we’re the best and you’ll never find anyone else".  When a device breaks the user buys anther if apple says they can’t fix it.   So the users will buy a new iphone every year that fixes an issue with the past one, they’ll buy a new mac when their mac breaks…etc.  Now all the while people like me have just been upgrading my PC for the past 5 years (more RAM, better graphics card) instead of buying a new PC.  I can buy a $1000 laptop instead of a $2500 macbook (with that crappy keyboard).  I can buy an Android or Windows tablet which works fine instead of an ipad.  The plus about this is I know I’m not being used as a human ATM by apple, I know I’m not being mind fucked. 

Sure there may be some issues with any OS you use, but the freedom of not being under apples thumb and dealing with their BS is awesome!  apple is now a trillion dollar company because they’re the best at mind control.  If apple comes out with a car, or TV, or dishwasher, most of the fans will buy them and they’ll probably have the little flaws and they’ll probably tell the user they’re doing something wrong.  A company should take responsibility for their mistakes, and most do, but apple never has.  Also every company sees a feature another company put in their device and copies it…apple has done it, jobs even admitted to it, apple is the only one that really complains and sues.  apple steals the best ideas from other companies while recently others have taken the worse of apple (lack of headphone jack, glass back…i just hope the next isn’t the removal of the fingerprint reader for face ID only).

One other thing.  apples business practices building devices.  We’ve all heard of foxconn and the majority of iphones and ipads are made there.  foxconn makes billions of dollars off of making apple devices but their worksers make almost nothing, and the work and housing conditions are horrible.  They’re so bad that foxconn had to put nets around their buildings because workers were jumping off of them (I’m guessing where other apple devices are made the conditions aren’t much better).  I know other device makers use foxconn and other manufacturers to make their devices too, but apple is the biggest user, if other companies left foxconn, they could say "who cares" because foxcon makes a huge chunk of money off of apple.  BUT if apple decided to tell foxconn to change their business practices or apple will leave, foxconn would really have to think of this.  ALSO apple could have given some of their own money to these poor people who make their devices (or at least to their families if the workers would be afraid how foxconn would react).  So many apple users either don’t think of this or they think "its only China, they repress their people anyway so why should we care about them".  Well because they’re humans like us and apple could probaly fix the issue and make these people happier.  apple doesn’t care and thats just another reason they’re a trilion dollar company.  Making money off the repressed.

The government needs to go after apple because they are using anti-competitive tactics.  They went after Microsoft. The thing is trump loves dictators and apple is a dictator to their users.  He said he’s going to try and get apple to make their COMPUTERS in the US.  Well their computer business is the smallest bit of the company.  Plus with the new tariff’s will other companies want to sell their products to apple if they make their macs in the US?  If companies like Samsung and LG were smart they wouldn’t sell the apple anyway, without them apple would be hurt, if they found some smaller company to make their screens, RAM and such the quality would probably not be as good and maybe then the apple fans would wake up…then again maybe not. 

I know a lot of people who read this will probably give it a thumbs down and say I’m wrong and call me names, but this is my opinion and I can care less if you disagree with me.  If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong and I’d admit it if I found out 100%, but what if I’m right?  Then all the apple users are being brainwashed.  Most don’t even look at other devices.  BUT now I’ve seen some videos of people who have made the switch and they’re happy…they’re woke.  BUT if I am right most apple fans would never admit it.  Anyways, we may never find out the truth, so either believe my theory might be true or not.  I can care less, but I think apple is really a cult.

Big Companies (revised)

Posted in Rant Hell on May 9, 2011 by Robert K.

Most companies don’t care about what people want.  We have so many ways people can contact companies to tell them their grievances but most companies don’t listen.  Before computers we could just write letters on paper, it would take days to get to a company only to probably get read by some lackey (if that) and then thrown in the trash.  Now we have Facebook and Twitter and email, its so easy to access most companies but do you think they listen any more?  Some do, but most don’t.  Microsoft has sites just for peoples ideas on products which is great, more companies should do this.

Companies like Comcast, Time Warner, AT&T, Direct TV and Dish don’t seem to even care about their customers.  Of course in most areas there isn’t competition so why should they.  In areas that have Google Fiber though companies have to compete and lower their prices or take the chance of loosing customers.  Also these entertainment companies have their fingers in to many pies.  Comcast and Time Warner are not only TV providers but also internet providers and they own TV stations and movie companies.  AT&T and Verizon are not just phone and cell phone providers anymore, they also are TV providers.  The ladder isn’t as bad but Comcast and Time Warner is very bad for the customer.  It gives them a reason to not have the customers best interest in mind.  Cable TV really hasn’t changed that much since it started.  TV itself actually got more expensive.  It use to be you bought a TV, plugged it in and had free stations.  Then cable came and now those free stations aren’t free anymore.  Not only aren’t they free anymore but we have more commercials than ever on them.  You’d think, they’re making money off of our subscriptions and product placement they’d make them commercialless or have a log fewer commercials but no, that’s not the fact, a one hour show over a quarter of it is commercials.  They’ll say “We have to pay our people” but that’s only sliver of the truth.  CEO’s, CFO, COO’s and such make way to much money.  Not only do they give them selves a shit load of money per year a lot of them make even more off stock option.  The stock goes high, they make more money.  This is great for them, but not for us because the more money they make the higher the subscription seems go to so the company can make more money the next year and the stock goes up so the fat cats can make more money.  You see how the circle goes?

Google makes their money basically by knowing as much as they can about its users.  What we buy, want to buy, eat, want to eat, they almost know what we want before we even know.  Facebook is getting the same way and its scary.  A few days ago I got a message from Facebook if I know someone.  I recognized the name, she was a customer of a friend of mine.  I told my friend who thought it was weird because this person isn’t a friend of hers on Facebook.  Why did I get a message if I knew this person?  Did Facebook some how find out my friend knows her?  If so how?

Its our fault though.  We let companies take advantage of us.  Sure some may complain on twitter or Facebook, maybe they’ll call and talk to some no body who can do nothing and then they complain.  The only way to get companies to listen is through their pocket books.  Stop using their products and services.  The thing is there is a vicious circle there.  People don’t want to give up their TV, internet, gas for their car for a while.  If they did, they’d threaten to turn off their service  and if the company didn’t go for that they would turn off their service.  I understand some people are under contract, so they wouldn’t have to, but if everyone that wasn’t under contract turned off their service these companies would loose millions of subscribers, hundreds of millions (if not billions) of dollars which would make them see that they should listen to us.  They wouldn’t just say “screw you, we’re going to go bankrupt” or “we’ll settle with the customers we have”, they would literally have to take action and that action would be listening to what the people want.  Not gauging us, giving us a bang for our buck.  I know this will never happen though, people can’t live without these services, but they sure like to complain how much they’re getting screwed.