Big Companies

Posted in Rant Hell on May 9, 2011 by Robert K.

I have a real issue with big companies.  Most of them don’t seem to care about their customers wants.  Back before computers companies had a reason not to listen, you just had letters.  Now with emails and blogs, and especially Twitter you’d think it would make it easier for companies to keep in touch with their customers.  Microsoft takes a while but they seem like they listen. I think if Vista didn’t get such flack they wouldn’t have brought out 7 so soon, but between how long it took between XP and Vista, they had to bring out 7 and they made a hit.  Apple on the other hand, look now long it took for them to get cut and past on the iphone.

You would think it would be in a companies best interest to listen to the people who buy their products (or use their service).  You’d think they would hire people to look at blogs and Twitter to see what the people want or don’t like about what they’re doing.  Most companies just don’t seem to care and why should they?  Most people will just bitch and complain, but still use those products and services.  I guarantee you that if Apple didn’t get high sales on the iphone they would have brought out cut and past and other things people want.  Look at Microsoft and Windows Phone 7.  Its been out less than a year and they already had a major update that brought some features and they’re going to have another to bring a slew of others.  Apple knew they were one of the first smart phones of its type (in 2006 LG came out with the Prada) so they figured they could take their time.  Is it right though?  Sony did the same thing with Bluray.  The first generation didn’t have internet connectivity so people who bought it had to re-buy the second generation player to play the newer formats and get internet connectivity so they could update the player.  The reason Sony brought it out so quick is because Toshiba had HD-DVD and they were afraid if they waited they would have lost the war.  Now they did have the Playstation 3 which did have upgradability via internet but it was really expensive and people weren’t buying it.  Is it right though?  Some people will say “thats business”, but when business screws people I think its wrong.

People just learned to live with low quality companies (now I’m not saying they make low quality items).  Is it more important to get a product you like from a company that you don’t necessarily like?  I hear people all the time complaining about Apple but they buy their products.  I ask why?  They just answer “I like their products”.  How do you expect a company to want to change unless you make them care to change.  The only way to make a company change is though their wallets.  You don’t buy their products and then they’ll care.  Companies are like spoiled rich kids, they’ll do what they want and not care what their parents think, but once their parents threaten to cut them off most will change their tune.  Take something away from a bratty kid and he/she will usually cry for a while but then mellow out.

I have friends that agree with me on this subject and some that don’t.  I guess no one is right or wrong, I just think its sad the we seem to be a nation of people who just settle.  Companies don’t strive to be better any more, they want to make the most money they can for the least amount of money they can put out.  AT&T is the king of this…raise prices while capping services, give less and charge more.  Is this the new American way?


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